Elder Roy Rogers Brockington was born on April 22, 1946 to the late Mr. Willie and Daisy Brockington in Mullins, SC. He grew up in Mullins and attended the public schools where he graduated from high school.  Elder Brockington was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ in 1961 and received the gift of the Holy Ghost under the pastorate of the late Elder Heyward Anderson at the Progressive Church in Mullins, SC. He worked diligently in the church with the boy's Club and the Youth Department as president.  In 1965, he organized the first male group, The Progressive Trumpeters.  In 1966, the Lord called him to the ministry. His first sermon was "The Patience of Job," Job:2.

He continued to work faithfully in the church and in the ministry.  He became a member of the Progressive Minister's Association.  

On August 29, 1970, he was united in holy matrimony to then Sister Beatrice Campbell.  To this union two sons were born, Nicholas Dwayne Brockington and Christopher Demetrius Brockington.  He also has three grandchildren, Morgan, Nicholas and Kara.

In 1979, Elder Brockington was appointed as interim pastor of the Progressive Church in Mullins, SC. He was officially installed as pastor during the Annual Holy Convocation in 1980.  He was ordained as an Elder in 1984.  During the first year of his pastorate, only one visitor came to the church.  However, the Lord has blessed the congregation to increase from 15 members at that time to nearly 150 today.  

In 1995, Elder Brockington held a meeting with the congregation to announce the vision the Lord had given him to build a new edifice in a new location in Mullins.  The saints rejoiced!  He always envisioned a beautiful brick church in Mullins.  The vision came to pass when God showed him the land.  The first land was to be purchased on Highway 76.  However, through obedience to leadership, land was purchased on a road formerly known as George Poole Road. More land was purchased behind the church in 1998.  In January of 1999, the name of the road was changed to Progressive Church Road. In August of 1999, the Progressive Church in Mullins, SC was blessed to complete and dedicate its new beautiful sanctuary!

There is no doubt that preaching the Word of God with total conviction, as Elder Brockington does, has made a difference in the city of Mullins, SC.


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