Families Matter


Genesis 2: 18-24


The "Traditional Family", as created by God, is almost non-existent in our society today. The enemy has disrupted the traditional family, one that consists of a husband/father and wife/mother, to being mostly single parent homes. The devil attacks the family, with the destructive intentions, because it was ordained by GOD.

Remember, the family unit matters! This unit is composed of a husband and wife/father and mother. Anything less than this type of union destroys the family, as God ordained from the beginning of the world.

Group Discussion

1. What makes the traditional family more likely to be successful than the non-traditional family?

2. List some positive ideas that a successful family possess.

3. List the function of a God-ordained family.

Role of Each Family Member

1. Responsibility- to respond when appropriate; to be accountable for your actions.

2. Truthfulness- to tell the truth; be honest.

3. Trustworthiness- to be worthy of confidence; dependable.

4. Cooperation- work together towards a common goal or purpose.

5. Caring- to feel and show concern for each other.

6. Integrity- to act according to a sense of what is right and wrong.

7. Respect- to have high or special regard for each other; no put downs.

8. Effort- do your personal best

9. Perserverance- to keep at it until the goal is accomplished.

10. Active Listening- listen and process what you hear without prejudice;ask questions to verify what you heard.

11. Honor thy Father and Mother- Ephesians 6

Aspects of a Home

A. A Place of Love

B. A Place of Trust

C. A Place of Security

D. A Place of Laughter

E. A Place of Worship and Guidance

When God's formula is followed, the family unit created will flourish and have a positive affect on the church and society as a whole!

Pastor Brockington